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Gold Eagle puppies are given the best start possible to ensure healthy well adjusted adults. Parents are screened for defects of the hips, hearts, eyes, elbows, thyroid, and DNA tested for three types of PRA, NCL, and Ichthyosis. That evidence is available at http://www.offa.org/ . All breeding stock are titled in AKC performance events, proving their abilities.
 Puppies are inoculated with vaccines, and are free of parasites before they are released to their new homes between 7 to 8 weeks of age.  Dewclaws will remain intact as they are essential for stability and control for the dog. Dewclaws are also vital tools to assist a dog if it should fall through the ice. Dewclaws Have a Purpose Puppies are socialized to dozens of situations, including birds, children, loud noises, and a variety of unusual scents. I utilize early stimulation techniques from day 4-16 and have found it has lead to dogs with confidence and improved trainability. Potty training will be well advanced and puppies will be started on the "sit", "down", and "come" commands. Puppies are exposed to live birds as well.
Perspective homes will have to complete a Puppy Application and verbal interview before selecting a puppy. In the placement process, I utilize the Puppy Aptitude Test and over 19 years of experience to help place each puppy into their new home. The testing makes the choice for the new owners much more evident.  
 Puppies are sold with a 26 month health guaranty. In the event of genetic defects to the heart, eyes, elbows, or hips, the puppy owner can receive a pro-rated cash amount of the purchase price or return the puppy to me for alternative placement if so desired. I insist that if any puppy from Gold Eagle Retrievers would ever need a new home, he or she can come back to where their life began.
 I offer a 2 year limited AKC registration. After such time, if health clearences are passed and an AKC title has been attained, I will release to full registration at no charge.
 For persons with breeding aspiration, I encourage them to take part in a co-ownership agreement with myself. I have the resources and knowledge to make for a successful experience for all involved.  




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