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Heckels Guns A Blazing Suzy Q RN
Sire: Heckels Majestic Top Gun
Dam: Blaze Zoe Stroess
Whelped: (April 10, 2005) -(Dec 22nd, 2021)  

OFA CHIC# 40050

Hips: GR-92550G24F-PI

Elbows: GR-EL15639F24-PI

Heart: GR-CA12707/25F/C-PI

Eyes: GR-32078/ (06) (09) (10)

Thyroid: GR-TH1633/49F-VPI 

prcd PRA: Clear 15-2155

GR-PRA1: Pawprints Clear 

GR-PRA2: Pawprints Clear

Ichthyosis: Pawprints Clear


Suzy with a daily limit of ducks

k9data pedigree: Heckels Guns A Blazing Suzy Q RN


 Heckels Guns A Blazing "Suzy" Q RN 21 3/4" high, 58 lbs, has a delightfully spunky personality that turns all business when in the field. She is an enthusiastic upland gun dog with very good marking and memory. Her offspring are well balanced, eager, and incredible performers in many venues.
Suzy has an easy-care coat that repels water and most burrs. She has retrieved the most unusual birds, including crow and turkey. Suzy earned her Rally Novice title on Jan 31, 2009, with 2nd and 3rd place finishes.

Suzy was a gift for 16 years 8 months and I only wish everyone could experience life with a Golden of this age.

Suzy produced 22 offspring including

Gold Eagle's Force of Nature BN RE OA AXJ AXP AJP WC CCA

Gold Eagle's Red River Raji CD BN RE

Suzy with Ruffed grouse 


Heckels Guns A Blazing Suzy Q

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
Heckels Majestic Top Gun SN80901004 OFA29G
DNA# V276405
 Golden Brooklyn Brooks OFA"Good"
Golden Companion Choden
Hessey's Folly Rexanne
Heckels Majestic Molly OFA"Good" Horns Buster Yorkster
Horns Princess Penny
Blaze Zoe Stroess
SR02333303 OFA32G
Mitchell's Sir Gordon OFA"Fair" Quartermoon's Bear Rug MH WCX **
Buckshot's Brassy Honey
Heckels Majestic Maggy RN CHIC#40044 "Good" Butch Cassidy Sundance III
Heckels Majestic Molly OFA"Good"

Rally Novice 



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